For decades, the lands neighboring the Ragasian Empire were forced to swear fealty to the despotic Drakus Coaltongue and his nation of orcs. Rumored to be immortal, he possessed a great artifact, the torch of the burning sky, which allowed him to teleport entire armies in a column of flames. With it, he was able to crush any hint of rebellion against his rule.

A few months ago, the emperor went missing, presumed killed by unknown assassins. The whereabouts of his body and the torch are unknown. Coaltongue’s second in command, a human witch named Leska, has assumed the role of emperor. Her armies march to secure control over the other nations, but they are meeting resistance – particularly from the Shahalesti. War is imminent.

By now, every magic-user in the realms knows of the Scourge. Leska has decreed that all disloyal users of arcane magic are to be tracked down and arrested or killed to prevent future threats to the empire. The Inquisitors, her personal enforcers who specialize in countermagic, travel with military escorts to the borders of Ragesia, enforcing the decree.

Cry freedom!